Today in the Netherlands we have one of the biggest parties of the year. The intire country is coloring orange, the national color of the Netherlands. Today it’s Kingsday and we celebrate the birthday of the King Willem Alexander.

In the Bellydance world we have our own royal prince. Male Bellydancer Rachid who is one of the most famous male Bellydancers in the world.

When we were performing together at the Hollandse Bellydance Toppers in Leiden,  I took the change to interview Rachid. So you can get a small peak into his work as a bellydancer.

In the interview I will ask Rachid how he came to bellydancing, how people react on him and how this dance makes him feel. He will tell what inspired him to become a bellydancer, how his family and the community in Curaçao reacted to that fact. Exciting!

Rachid will be performing and judging the competition on the Orientalicious & Raqs Flow festival, June 3rd at Paradiso Amsterdam. You can find all information about the festival at:

Watch the interview with Rachid below:

In a bit more than a month there will be the Orientalicious & Raqs Flow festival in Amsterdam. Rachid will be performing amongst other amazing artists like Sadie Marquardt (US), Rajaa Ben Moussa (Mo) and Jade el Jabel (Br).

The festival this year is going to be spectaculat and I look forward to see you there!

All information about the festival you can find at