I am so grateful to witness in my dance school what bellydance means to women. It’s an amazing feeling that doing what I love and sharing this with so many women around the world, starts a ripple effect of joy and happiness. When I make one person feeling better this person will inspire others to feel better too.

Sometimes people share with me how they benefit of bellydancing and what it means to them. Then I only can feel so humble and thankful for being able to inspire and sharing the spark.

One of my amazing students told me how she felt and I hope by sharing it, it will inspire you as well:

“In all the craziness form the day-to-day life, now Bellydance is the only real connection I have with myself. Everyday as an engineer, my work is accounted for in parameters, standards, rules, formula and judgements.

In dance I lose all of these and I can only feel. I learned, actually, you taught me Aisa, that I am allowed to explore, that I don’t have to know the answer right from the beginning and that things will come and flow and improve.

It just takes time and perseverance. For me, it is a breakthrough … a way to connect to myself. I still cannot look yet in my eyes when I am dancing and you know that, but I hope one day, it will come.

An interesting fact is that, I developed a scale in order to check my happiness level 🙂 Silly but it’s true. For example, how do I know that in a particular day I feel really really down? I cannot dance …

Now that I know that feeling of having Bellydance in my life I would fear that:
I wouldn’t feel alive if I did not dance. I would feel like a robot every day.

It took me a while to feel this powerful need of dancing and expressing and feeling blessed that my body resonates with the music. I don’t want to lose the feeling and stop. It is just so real that denying it would be betraying myself.”

This story touch me in the core of my heart and it just motivates me to share more and create classes, of course in Amsterdam but also online.

The benefits of the online Bellydance classes are that you can avoid to travel again after work, to a dance class. And that you can do the class whenever it fits in your schedule and have nobody watching when you are learning how to bellydance.

You may know that I have my 5 week online Beginner Bellydance course coming up on the 14th of february. Until that time there is a pre-sale offer, especially for the early birds.

Nice to know is that if you decide to join that you will have 2 live Q & A group sessions included in the 5 week course. So you can connect to me personally and ask your questions or share your experiences.

I would be so happy to share this dance journey with you!

For all information and the pre-sale offer:

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If you have any questions please let me know. Just respond to this email!