Attention: the dance studio is open again. We will strictly follow the Covid19 meassures of the RIVM. There’s a summer break from August 1st-16th!



When you are living in the Netherlands the local bellydance classes in Amsterdam are for you. You can take bellydance classes in classes of all levels. They take place in the Heartbeat Dance studio in Amsterdam.


There is a membership system, so you can choose to become a member for 3 months, 6 months or for one year.


Becoming a member has many benefits! If you want to try first, you can order a trial class. Still not sure? Then you can take just a single class.


I’m working 9 to 5 everyday, and the bellydance classes give me the spark and fuel that I need every week to bring colour and energy into my life. In the classes, I can express my femine and sensual side, burn calories and socialize with like minded women from all over the world. I love the heartbeat of bellydance danceschool!


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Bellydance Class Roster 2021 Amsterdam

No classes from August 1st – 16th!!!

Tuesday 19:00 – 20:00

Bellydance Advanced

Tuesday 20:00 – 21:00

Bellydance Intermediate

Wednesday 19:00 – 20:00

Bellydance Intermediate

Wednesday 20:00 – 21:00

Bellydance Beginner 

Thursday 19:00 – 20:00

Bellydance Beginner 

Thursday 20:00 – 21:00

Bellydance Advanced

  • Enjoy a moment for yourself! Dancing is the best Me- time that you can have.

  • Boost your Immune system

  • Get to know your body better and gain full body control.

  • Move feminine and sensual.

  • Improve your dance technique and your knowledge of belly dancing

  • Work on your condition and burn at least 300 calories per lesson

  • Experience the pleasure of dancing with like-minded people.

  • Imagine yourself completely in an atmosphere of 1001 night, with beautiful colorful clothes and magical music

Heartbeat Dance studio: Nieuwe Kerkstraat 126A, Amsterdam 

IMPORTANT: Entrance from 18:45 NOT before!

Prices and memberships

  • You have a spread payment with automatic collection.
  • The premium membership is “All you can Tribal & Bellydance” membership and covers the Tribal bellydance classes and the classical bellydance classes. All classes from Monday to Friday
  • The 3 month, 6 month and 12 month membership is a “all you can bellydance” membership and covers the bellydance classes from Tuesday to Thursday. Of course it’s best if you come to the classes that fit your level.
  • During Christmas holidays and Summer holidays you will get access to online classes or intensive summer workshops, so even in the vacation you can keep on dancing.
  • The price is including 21 % VAT (Btw)
  • 1 Month before the membership expires you can inform me whether or not you want to continue after the membership expires.
  • After completing the membership it´s your choice if you order a new membership. If you renew your membership, you receive a 15 % discount for the first new month.

Trial Class

(Strictly Bellydance)


A trial class costs 10 euro incl 21 % VAT (btw) and can be done only 1 time. Pay by clicking on the button below. Once you have it you can simply come to your desired level and date and show your invoice to the teacher.

3 month member

(Strictly Bellydance)


Fixed Price

Become a member for 3 months and experience many benefits. It’s only a single payment. You can dance as many time as you want in this 3 months. You will also get access to the online academy.

Please note: You can’t cancel the membership in between the 3 months.

Terms and conditions

12 month member

(Strictly Bellydance)


per month

Become a 1 year member and experience many benefits. It costs 42 euro per month. By paying you activate the automatic monthly payments for the membership in 12 payment terms.

Please note: You can’t cancel the membership in between 12 months, only postpone in special situations

Terms and conditions

Single Lesson

(Strictly Bellydance)


A single class costs 15 euro incl. 21% VAT (btw). You can pay online by clicking the button. Pay by clicking on the button below. Once you have it you can simply come to your desired level and date and show your invoice to the teacher.

6 month member

(Strictly Bellydance)


Per month

Become a 6 month member and experience many benefits. It costs 47 euro per month. By paying you activate the automatic monthly payments for the membership in 6 payment terms.

Please note: You can’t cancel the membership in between the 6 months, only postpone in special situations!

Terms and conditions

Class Dates

September: all Tuesday’s/ Wednesday’s/ Thursday’s

October: Tuesday’s/ Wednesday’s/ Thursday’s minus October 10th – 18th

November: all Tuesday’s/ Wednesday’s/ Thursday’s

December: Tuesday’s/ Wednesday’s/ Thursday’s minus December 19th – January 3rd 2021

Jan: Tuesday’s/ Wednesday’s/ Thursday’s from January 4th

February: Tuesday’s/ Wednesday’s/ Thursday’s minus February 20th- 28th

March: all Tuesday’s/ Wednesday’s/ Thursday’s

April: all Tuesday’s/ Wednesday’s/ Thursday’s minus April 27th

May: all Tuesday’s/ Wednesday’s/ Thursday’s minus May 1st – 9th

June: all Tuesday’s/ Wednesday’s/ Thursday’s

Juli*: all Tuesday’s/ Wednesday’s/ Thursday’s

August: Summer schedule


*December: In the holidays you receive 2 hours of online video class (just for members)

*July:  12 hours of Summer workshops (for members and non members) + regular classes

*August:  12 hours of Summer workshops (for members and non members)


In the holidays there are no local classes in Amsterdam, however in the Christmas and the Summer holidays I will provide online classes or summer classes, for the members. This equals missing classes.

Holidays 2020/21


Autumn Break: October 10th – October 18th

Christmas Break: December 19th – January 3rd 2021

Spring Break: February 20th – February 28th 2021

Kingsday: April 27th

May Break: May 1st- 9th 2021

Summer Break:  August 1st – 16th 


In all the craziness from the day-to-day life, now dancing is the only real connection I have with myself. Everyday as an engineer, my work is accounted for in parameters, standards, rules, formula and judgements. In dance I lose all of these and I can only feel. For me it is a breakthrough … a way to connect to myself.

Adina C.

I decided to pick Aisa as my teacher because I love her style and her performances and videos really inspire me.
And I did a very good choice!  She helped me a lot in taking control of all movements. She’s very clear in the explanations and she pays attention at all details. I love her commitment and she transmits this to the pupils as well – which is so inspiring.

Federica G.

Dancing is a pure relaxation for me. I have started bellydancing because I was a doing a lot of martial arts but I wanted to create a balance with my feminine site. When I started I felt that i really enjoyed the music and dance very much and I loved to learn more about the Arabic culture, as I am half Moroccan and half Dutch. Now bellydancing is an important part of me and I already practice it for years now.

Saida B.

For me, bellydance is the most effective and pleasurable way to stay healthy and happy. I call it my medicine. Life’s challenges tend to cramp my shoulders and neck and the daily work routine emphasizes thinking rather than feeling. While dancing I move from my head to my body and I can release the built-up tension. The elegant en feminine movements also help me a lot to recognize my own beauty as well as the unique beauty of all the other ladies in class.

Jannemiek W.