Summer Bellydance School

This summer we have created a very special program for you. This year you can find some sexy bellydance fusion workshop, that will get you out of your comfort zone and evoke your inner god(dess).

We are looking forward to dancing with you this summer


Aisa Lafour & Alyza



Sat Aug 6th
10:30- 12:30 h
Burlesque- Bellydance Fusion
Teacher: Alyza
Level: Int/ adv

 A fusion of Bellydance and Burlesque. Glamorous, spicy and entertaining. Technique and Choreography!

Sat Aug 6th
13:00- 15:00
Tribal – Fusion Bellydance
Teacher: Alyza
Level: Int

Tribal fusion is a modern western style of bellydance with influences from other dance styles, such as jazz and urban. This is an introduction workshop to tribal fusion.

Sat Aug 20th
10:30- 12:30 h
Shakira – Bellydance Style 
Teacher: Aisa
Level: Int/adv

Dance like Shakira, learn her signature pop style bellydance movements. That we will bring together in a Shakira choreography.  

Sat Aug 20th
13:00- 15:00 h
Dalla and fierce Bellydance fusion 
Teacher: Aisa
Level: Int/ adv

The arabic  word “dalla”  means flirty and cute manners (used by women in the middle east).  In the west the word “fierce” is used to describe a powerful and sexy women  (think Beyonce/ Chicago musical). That’s exactely where this workshop is about. Flirting, confidence and divine feminine power. This is going to be a fun and experimental experience! 


1 workshop

35 euro

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All 4 workshops

120 euro 

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* When you are a H.O.B member you are allowed to come to the workshops to make-up for the missed classes due to our 3 week holidays. In the overview below I will explain you how:

Beginner bellydance member? >>> You can do 1 or 2 extra classes a week depending on your membership. If you have a “1 x a week membership” you can make-up 3 classes due to 3 week holidays. If you have a “2 x a week” membership you can also consider to come to 1 one of the workshops. Of course you’re also allowed to experiment one of the workshopsinstead.

Intermediate or advanced dancer? >>> You can make up the missed classes with the summer workshops or extra advanced or intermediate classes. Depending if your membership is “1x a week” or “2 x a week”. For example: Let’s say that you have a “1 x a week” membership and you will miss 3 classes because we’re closed for 3 weeks then you can do 1 summer workshop + for example 1 advanced or intermediate or beginner class extra. In case you have a “2 x a week” membership you can do 3 summer workshops to make up for the missed classes.