Free Beginner Bellydance Course

You are a total beginner dancer? Then I have a very nice gift for you. Try my FREE 3 part Bellydance course. In this video course you will learn 4 essential movements and combinations of Bellydance.

Imagine… you can learn how to bellydance from the comfort of your home! You don’t need to travel to a dance class after work. This way you safe time and you still learn how to do bellydancing in a fun and comfortable way, so you can impress your friends with your new dance moves on the next party.

You will discover new muscle groups and movements that you did not know at all that you have them. You will get more bodycontroll  and feel fitter and happier because of that. It will open a whole new magic world, the world of bellydancing.

I feel happy to teach you this wonderful dance as I just love to teach the bellydance basics.

So you can’t wait to get started? Fill in the subscription form below and receive your first class directely in your inbox.