Do you know that feeling, that on a clear moment, a certain idea comes to your mind, just like a ray of light? Then you have to follow it! These are mostly the moments that the best and successful ideas come up.

Yesterday I had such an epiphany. I was talking to my friend Mena, about international women day. She invited me to her event that she is organizing that date. When I hang up the phone I knew what day to start my new online teaching program, Create Your Own Drumsolo. It is going to start on the 8th of March, at international women day!!!


Create Your Amazing Drumsolo 2


It makes absolute sense to me. The program is going to be a new impulse for the women who participate, to create their own dance. It gives a deeper understanding of the drumsolo music and how to make a choreography or do an amazing “on the spot improvisation”.

Now I am working every day, intensively, to get the program ready. I put  so much dedication and passion into this program,  that I can hardly wait to tell you more about it (next week).

Meanwhile I already want to give you a bit of drumsolo inspiration for a movement combination that you can use in your own choreography or improvisation. This week I teach you a nice combination of pops and locks of the hips and chest. It is quite challenging I must say.

Here is the video tutorial . Enjoy!

I hope you loved this drumsolo inspiration. And remember: Dance to your own heartbeat. Be BeYoutiful!