She walked into the bellydance class in my studio in Amsterdam, a tall beautiful young lady, blond, blue eyes, skinny. She had it all… but still she walked around with cramped neck and shoulders, afraid to show her wonderful self. Week after week I told her in the class, to open up her chest, with the shoulders down and open arms.  I wanted her to be able to show herself with an open, proud and welcoming posture, which is of course very important for a dancer.

How touched and thankful I was when I saw that after a while, she made the connection to her body and started to implement the feedback that I was giving her time after time (I even felt sorry for her).  Her posture became incredibly better. It made all the difference in the world.

Another woman was standing in front of me, proud, radiant and full of self-confidence.  It was like a seed that had become a shiny colorful flower. She told me that even in her daily life she experienced the benefits of her change in posture. She felt more open, beautiful and even the approach of the other people towards her had changed.

This is one of the hundreds examples that I have seen in my dance teacher career. Most women who practice (belly)dance feel that it gives you more body awareness and it can chance the way that you can feel about yourself in a positive way.

Most of us spend hours and hours sitting on a chair, at the office, in the car or when riding a bike. And most of us tend to let the upper body collapse when sitting, or cramping the shoulders. I even experienced it myself, when 2 summers ago I was busy creating my new website I was sitting much more then I normally do. One day, just before a performance my back hurt so bad that it was almost impossible to perform (but I still did)

So this episode is for you who have an office job.  And also for you who want to do a bellydance training on whatever moment of the day, even when you are sitting.  I created an exercise for chest and belly movements, with which you can improve your sharp isolations or connecting it into a luscious undulation. You will feel the relief it gives to your back and it will help you to get your bellydance level up.

To get to the bellydance training please click on the video below:

Meanwhile I am creating a full online bellydance courses for beginner dancers. It is a lot of work, but it is the most beautiful thing to do, because I keep in mind how many ladies like you can learn how to bellydance with all its benefits for the body and soul. I will launch it very soon.

I keep you posted!



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