When I invented the Egyptian Shimmy Challenge I never could imagine that it would turn out to be something so nice. 10 days of community spirit, sharing our movies, knowledge and experiences. Building up with positive feedback and motivating each other.

After the 10 days I could experience the black gap. No ESC video was coming into my email box anymore. Even though I was sending the video’s by myself, it honestly left me with a bit of an empty and sad feeling. Funny isn’t it?

But hey, do you really think I am going to let you down and leave you in that shimmyless world? Noooooooooooo! Here is a Q&A video for you, with some helpful tips for the horizontal cirkel with shimmy.

I had so many thankful comments, but most of all I am very thankful for you, who joined me! It gives me fuel to continue and create more inspiring and helpful video’s.

“Aisa, thank you so much for ESC! It was great workout and most of all fun and rising in my shimmy skills. This was special to do it in such nice team of all of us shimmying around the world”. Anna Stolarska

“I’m going to miss the ESC. The daily routine, the videos and the tips. It felt like being part of one big family. Thank you Aisa and all you lovely ladies”. Liz Heaver


You really motivate me to go for my passion and help and sharing knowledge to make it possible for women to learn bellydancing or to get a higher dance level. Learning from the comfort of your home by video classes and still being part of a much bigger community.

Thanks again!


Aisa Lafour

PS: Meanwhile I am working  on a multiple week drum solo course.  It is made by me and Yassir Jamal. It will be ready around 6 weeks. It is going to be amazing. I will keep you posted.

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