2 summers ago, I officially had a vacation. It had to be the time to rest, but i couldn’t. I was working on my website heartbeatofbellydance.com, at my pc for 6 to 12 hours a day for 2 months. Something that is not my average working day/ week (being a dancer).

I had this goal in mind and as my sign is sagitarious I had to finish it. While, sitting staring at my screen for hours, I soon started to feel the effect that it had on my body. Cramp in the legs and shoulders, lower back pain and being stiff. Not very helpful for a dancer.

Then I realized that most of the people who are not dancers, are at least working like this for 8 hours a day at least. I felt that when I was dancing I immediately felt better again.¬†So I thought… How can I help these women, being at the office, improving their bellydance moves and staying more flexible?

In the video I give you some bellydance tips on improving your dance skills while working at the office. Just watch the video:

Coming weeks I will bring up more tips, with nice little exercises that you can do while working (when nobody is watching).

I hope you really enjoyed practicing your bellydance moves with my Free Video course. I had great feedback from many women. Thank you so much for that:

“Thank you for the video Aisa!! I love that you do the warming up at the beginning and the cooling down at the end like in a real class! I also love the fact that I can access the video whenever I want to practice and follow your instructions!” Michelle D.

“Thanks so much for this amazing belly dance training video, Aisa! I love how generously you share the basics from the scratch and teach with passion! Looking forward to other parts of the course! :)”
Lexi Jennifer Rose

This great feedback gives me an extra impulse to keep on creating instructional dance video’s, so that, as many of you as possible can enjoy dancing, from your homes, or where ever you are in this world.

Meanwhile, I am working on a complete bellydance beginner course, that you can follow from your home. Very soon this will be released. I will keep you posted.


Aisa Lafour

PS: Did you like my bellydance tips? If yes, I love to hear back from you. Let me know how the exercises worked for you and please do not exclude me from all the juicy stories ūüėČ